Talking in Periods

I iron Andy’s outfit for the day in the mornings, usually just after 6. This morning I was in the middle of a dream when he woke me to do the task.  No, I am not complaining, I am just giving you a bit of background for the scene that is about to develop.

I walk down the hallway.  It takes a while – I am not yet fully awake, my feet has to get used to the feeling of something solid under them and my eyelids are still battling against the sleep. I am thinking of getting back into bed after the ironing session.

It was 06:21 this morning when the ritual began.

I get to the living area and there master eight year old is sitting, flicking through the You Tube channel for some or other Xbox game tutorial. I am awake enough to know that it is not game day. (it only comes around on Wednesday, Saturdays and Sundays – quite reasonable I would say.) After the usual caring, “Good morning my boy, did you sleep well?” I of course say no to the You Tube surfing .  My voice is still sleep groggy, my mouth still tastes funny and I am still not stable on my feet.  I am squinting now to try and focus.

And so the reasoning starts.

“But mum, you only said I cannot watch Stampy on non-game days, I just want to watch something about Darth Vader (is that the name?) and it is not Stampy.”

“No, my boy, it is not game day. You know the rule.”

“But mum…” and so it went

In the four minutes since I have been woken to do the ironing (would that make me the iron giant?) I have gone from talking like a normal person to one talking in full stops. You. Know. One. Of. Those. Discussions.

I am served a dose of attitude that makes me want to change into Attila the Hun or some or other fire breathing monstrosity.  TV is taken away for the day after he tries to bend the Apple TV cord like Beckham and upon receiving that woeful news he promptly continues to throw the TV remote. Which immediately divides into two pieces.  Good thing we have just started doing fractions!

The. Period. Style. Talking. Continues. TV. Has. Now. Been. Banned. For. A. Week.

I iron the clothes. I make a cup of coffee. I make another one almost immediately after the first one is finished.

Master 8 and mister 3 have wrapped their blankets around their shoulders and are jumping on the trampoline. They are Batman and some or other super hero. Josh Groban is floating from his room. Xbox has been confined to the fertile soil of his imagination.  He is dressed and we will be going for a walk soon. It is 7:51 on Friday the 12th of December 2014.

One thing that I have learnt is: No.TV. = Imagination.

And. That. It. Helps. To. Sometimes. Slow. Down. When. You. Speak.

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