Home Schooling my Herd

I was asked the question, “Why homeschool?” this week. Not in a negative way but genuinely interested way. One of the answers I gave is that I did not want my kids to have that typical “herd” mentality. My apologies beforehand to all that I may have offended with that answer. I also answered that I would like to instil my Christian beliefs while I still can.
I do not think that was the best answer I could have provided, but it did spark an interesting, and confronting counter question.
“Don’t you think that’s just a different herd mentality?”
Okey dokey… hmmm. Yes, it is.
To be more precise, it is sheep mentality.
So I do what I always do when confronted by something that challenges me a little bit. I went back to Him.
And this is what He shared with me –
All of us are part of a herd, part of a certain way of thinking. You do not get lone rangers. True blue lone rangers. People want to be surrounded by people who think similar to them. We want to feel that we belong. Atheists group together, Pagans group together, Muslims group together and Christians… well, we sort of group together. 🙂
In herds we often feel safest. And being a Christian your herd has a Shepherd like no other. One who gave his life. One who takes to the highway and the low way and the treacherous cliffs every day in order to protect his flock.
The problem with herd mentality is when it becomes the be all and end all to your way of thinking. When your way is the only way forward. It is dangerous when those who differ from your opinion becomes your enemy, even when they are part of your herd. It is then that you become a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and that is life threatening– not only for you but for whom ever gets into contact with you.
Maybe that is what I was trying to say when I answered the question about my Christian beliefs. Maybe I wanted to say that I want my children to grow up and be like Jesus. Be friends with even the outcasts, those who do not necessarily believe what we do, not necessarily act the way we do. I want them to know that people are special, no one is less valuable because they think or act different or even look different, eat different and even smell different. I want my children to see the person God created in his image, and I want them to love them because that is what He wants.
So why do I homeschool? Because I can. Because I want to. Because that is what is best for this herd.

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