Romance vs. Seduction

Hmmm… how do I start this post?

I enjoy sex. A bit too upfront? Too honest? Too x-rated?

Okay, let’s try again. I love my husband and I enjoy being intimate with him. Hmmm… still a bit too much. Let’s just leave it there. I am sure you get the point.

And that point brings me to this book – Romance vs. Seduction by Warwick Naylor. The subtitle reads “Restoring the ancient roles of attraction between husband and wife” and that made me NOT want to read this book.

I did not want to be told again that men have needs, often and if they do not get it met they will look for it either online, or in a man cave with some or other “hobby”. I did not want to be told to be the obliging wife and how to put my perceived lack of need of sex on the backburner (interesting word that one) and work on our happy sex life! Sex has never been hard yakka in my books.

Enter this little book. Not a difficult read according to my husband (yes, he actually suggested that I read it). And it turns the “normal” way of doing things upside down. As Warwick puts it, “I soon realized that romance is the job of the man and seduction is reserved for the woman.” But wait there is more!

In the introduction of the book the word Romance is defined (for the purpose of the book) as “the words and actions that make a person feel special and valuable, carried out by someone who is wooing and demonstrating unconditional love to someone else. It can be a general atmosphere or an event that encompasses three elements – protection, provision and security – with the symbols and gestures to back them up.”

Seduction is defined (for the purpose of the book) “as the actions and words that are an enticing invitation to the sex act; whether this is a simple “Let’s have sex” or the heavily suggestive prepared bedroom of Egyptian linen, myrrh on the pillow and candlelight glow. It is an event or statement in which a person communicated to another they want to enter into a time that is guaranteed to lead to sex.”

I can hear a couple of guys groan inwardly that nooky (hanky-panky, sex) is off the table if he has to wait for his missus to take the lead in seduction. Gentlemen, I challenge you today, get this book and read it. It is written by an ordinary bloke for ordinary blokes. Yes, it is written from a Biblical perspective (Christians have sex too ya know!) and if the Bible is not your cup of tea, skip the verses, but read the book, it is the truth. Read it and start changing the way you do things. Not because you want to score later tonight, but because your wife is special, valuable and you love her unconditionally, right?

What does it mean when a wife seduces her husband? She is saying that “this is for your eyes only.” When a wife decides to seduce her husband she acknowledges that she has something very powerful that she chooses to use at the right time, place and for him only. It becomes the unspoken promise in the meeting of their eyes and the touch of their hands, or a whisper that raises anticipation.

We have been married for 19 years yesterday. We have a good marriage, we are best friends. Why fix something that is working? When it comes to marriage you can NEVER become complacent. You can NEVER say “We have everything sorted.” Marriage is a journey and one hell of an adventure if you are willing to work at it and what can it hurt to try new things?

If you are willing to try something different that flies in the face of the conventional advice, read this book. We are cautiously optimistic about the changes that Romance vs. Seduction has brought over our paths.
This little book has a big punch and is available as an e-book for $5.99 (AU) at their website

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