Slow down – stop running

A article want to tell me that light jogging is best for a long life. Bahumbug I say!

There is one lady at the gym I attend and she jumps on the adjustable benches as if she has coils in her legs. I keep praying that my PT does not see her when she does that, because I do not have the ability to land like a feather. My pelvic floor muscles are like a trampoline with holes in them and the slightest exertion of said muscles makes me stand in those classic waiting for the loo poses. Not only does the landing make me want to pee, it also causes an imaginary earthquake like the storm that a butterfly’s wings may cause. You never know if some or other tsunami happened because I landed after trying to jump on a bench.

I can not do light jogging. My husband says it looks like torture when I run. My hips stay at one place and my legs shuffle at the pace some people walk. I think I can walk faster than I run. I admire women who gracefully run, with their ponytails swinging like a show horse’s tail. Me, I shuffle and I sweat, and I huff and I puff and I blow…oh wait, that is a fairytale…yeah, in your wildest dreams will you see me run.

It was however, the last paragraph that caught my attention where the author quoted some or other “expert” and he in turn said, “If your goal is to decrease risk of death and improve life expectancy, jogging a few times a week at a moderate pace is a good strategy.”

“If your goal is to decrease the risk…” My word! I thought death, like taxes, is a certainty! How do I decrease the risk of death? Not by jogging – think about it, you are literally running into your future ergo, you are running towards your death. Stop running. If your are a runner, turn back. It should read like those road signs on a one way off ramp – Wrong way, turn back.

Do you want to know what I think? Stop living life in the fast lane. Start breathing slower, chew slower, sleep more, laugh more, watch the sun go down more often and relax. Stop running to where you want to be, and do not jog. Take a leisurely stroll and smell the roses while you are doing it. And LOVE more.

Tone things down a bit, put on the music and dance. Shake your booty and if you are built like I am you will find your booty “clapping hands” with the jumping moves that you do risk. It is not fat, it is just your body’s way of cheering you on.

This is my bit of motivation for all the members of this forum, plan some down time. You may just find that the answer you are looking for is waiting on the tip of your tongue, you just need to take a

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