Grave Maids (Basic guidelines on how to Turn Passion into Profit)

I enjoy looking at the notice boards at shops. This afternoon I discovered a little gem. I discovered Grave Maids, with the undertaking that ‘When you can’t get there – we will be there for you.”
This gravely serious matter actually had me giggling a bit. How awesome are these grave (side) dwellers! They have a love for history and spend some time researching and saw the problems of illegible plaques, unkept graves and unclear head stones, not as a dead end but as an opportunity beckoning from this side of the grave and not the unknown beyond.
Oh and wait, there is more! For a nominal fee… wait for it… they will ensure that those special days do not go by unnoticed when you can not attend the graveside. They will go and put wreaths, flowers or what you want, at the site, on your behalf. They will even send you before and after photos.
These ladies are truly tomb keepers and not tomb raiders. What an awesome service they provide. (Should you have need of their services you can visit them at PLEASE NOTE, I do not know these ladies, I saw their business card at my local Coles In Ocean Keys, Clarkson, and that gave me food for thought.) They took their passion and started profiting from it.
Here are a few guidelines to remember when you are thinking about changing your passion into profit:

Passion is not enough
– Are you prepared to put in the hard yards?
– What are the pro’s and the con’s?
– What are the feedback you are getting?
– Are you really good at this?
– Sometimes you have to sweat the small stuff like admin, marketing and selling, do you really want to do that?
2. Surround yourself with passionate people.
3. Share you passion with others. Don’t always expect something back. The reward is getting people excited about what excites you.
4. Keep working at it, because you enjoy it. I know many photographers who loved photography so much that they started doing it as a business, only to take a prolonged break from it because the hours editing and the fickleness of their clients became too much and drained all the joy they derived from the creative business. If this happens to you – re- evaluate and if need be, take a step back.
5. Keep having fun.
6. Remember that nothing is cast in stone – you are allowed to change. You do not have to stick with the same passion year in and year out. You grow and develop new dimensions often – why can’t your passions change as well?
I wish I had a few wise words to leave your with, alas I do not, and will leave you with these word that was written on a tomb stone, I think it will be a bit of a head scratcher for these ladies should they ever want to research his history.
I was somebody.
Who, is no business
Of yours

(Someone determined to be anonymous in Stowe, Vermont)

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