Dear Skinny Chick

Dear skinny chick,

do you know that every time you put your hand on your ‘fat, big ass, with all this hideous cellulite’ you make we want to shrink and crawl into a hole?

Dear gorgeous, skinny suntanned chick,

do you know that every time you say that you have to really start watching what you are eating because you are not happy with the way your thighs jiggle when you walk, you make me want to stop talking to you, shake you and say, “Wake up!”

Because, dearest, skinny chick,

do you know the effort I go through every single day to get to a stage where I tell myself that I am good enough, I am beautiful enough, I am worthy to feel like a woman, that I am allowed to feel sexy, despite the fact, that you think you are fat, and that would then make me what? A baby hippo?

Because, dearest skinny chick,

that is what you are saying. You are saying that you do not like yourself. You are saying that you think you are despicable, your body, which is the showcase of health and beauty, is hateful. What do you think of me then, when you look at me? When I sit in front of you with my long black coffee, and my low carb, high protein whatever I am eating, and my boobs that are resting on my tummy roll? What is it that you are seeing, when you can not even see yourself for the magnificent creature you are?

Dear skinny chick,

do you know that every time you talk yourself down, I feel immense sadness. Because I am working so hard on my health and my body. I am lifting weights, and eating healthily, I am guzzling water and not even sipping alcohol, I do not do sugar, and I do not do dairy. I have stopped eating most glutens, and I eat my veggies every day. And still I stay fat. I jiggle when I walk, my cellulite has cellulite, and my thighs rub against each other.

I look in the mirror and I think, “You do not look so bad chick. You have a pear shape that once poured into spanx does not look too shabby, you have a gorgoeus smile, and your hair is not grey, yet. You do not have many wrinkles and your shoulders are still gorgeous. Your arms are not too flabby and you do not have batwings, yet.”

I like the way my hips sway when I walk, and I like the way my eyes twinkle when I laugh.

Dear skinny chick,

do you know that every time I hear you complain about the way you look, that I feel so sorry for you. Because you make your self-worth connected to your outer appearance. You think people will put more weight (hmmm?) to your word because you look a certain way.

No, my sista! They listen to you when you are authentic, and when you say, this is me, without the mask, this is me being me. Dear skinny chick, I think you are awesome. Not because you are skinny, I once was too. I think you are absolutely effing awesome because you are my friend.

Your awesomely, voluptuous, sensual, and very sexy curvy sista!

2 thoughts on “Dear Skinny Chick

    • Baie dankie Doret, ek is so dankbaar dat jy dit geniet. Jy is welkom om blog te volg en dan sommer in jou epos posbus die nuutste kennisgewings te kry die oomblik as ek een plaas:)


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