Life Happens in Australia as well

Those of you who have been following my almost weekly Dear Migrant to the Great South Land letters, may have grown accustomed to the mostly positive vibe that I try to write my pieces in. I am a positive person. I usually have a half-full glass type of personality. I definitely subscribe to my mum’s motto of, “Gaan smeer jou bekkie rooi en drink ’n koppie tee, dan lyk dinge sommer beter.” And I know what my dad always used to say, “In die Tweede Wêreld Oorlog is meer mense dood,” is also true.

But, Dearest Migrant to the Great South Land,

I would be remiss if I were not to tell you that bad things do happen to good people here as well. For the second time in less than two years my husband’s position at work was made redundant, and though we are not despondent (see I can rhyme even when I have to talk about bad things!) we are aware that we are not the only ones.

Many of you here will now say, “Ja, but at least unemployment is not as high as it is in South Africa,” or you may say, “At least there is not affirmative action that will discriminate against him.” And I will say, “Yes, at least, but that is not the point.”

The point is – do not come to Australia thinking this is Utopia. Do not come here and base your expectations on what you have heard about this awesome, awesome country. If and when you come, you have to know that life happens here as well.

A friend’s son had an accident while riding out bush and he was only found the next day. Another friend of mine was diagnosed with a massive brain tumour, just this week.

Please, please do not think that life will not happen in Australia as well.

Emigrasie is nie vir sissies nie. In the same breath I want to add, to stay where you are, is also not for the weak at heart.

I have just finished a book titled, Die Eerste 1000 Dae van Migrasie (please send me your email and I will send you a digital copy free of charge when all of the final tweaking – not twerking! has been done or subscribe to my blog to be notified) and as I was reading through the 22 stories in this book I kept saying to my husband how incredibly humbled I am that I am part of them – part of a people who call themselves South African.

There were people who got off an aeroplane with only four suitcases and $250 in their pockets! Some knew no-one. Some have never been in Australia before. Everything was foreign. And they made it work. With hard work and determination they are still making it work. Some had to go back to South Africa, after things did not work out as they hoped and they are thriving there as well. I cried when I read those stories and I laughed with the writers as I remembered things we went through.

Dear, dear Migrant to the Great South Land,

when you come, come knowing that some days will be very taxing on you and your family. Know that some days you will wonder if you have made the biggest mistake of your life. Know that some days you may even think of booking that ticket back!

But… but, also know that you will find strength that you never knew was possible. Know that you will find a reserve of courage when you need it most. Know that you will discover that you are not alone. There have been others who have gone through what you have gone through.

If this is where you want to be, and where your path leads you, know that there will be challenges. Diamonds are after all formed by extreme pressure, are they not?

Cheers mate, you’ll be all right,

8 thoughts on “Life Happens in Australia as well

  1. Nice post Marlize,

    Yep life does happen in Australia. The only difference being at a much slower pace and not with the savagery of Africa. Here we are all equal and unfortunately just another cog that can be replaced by another equal cog. Just ask Tony whatshisname. You walk in the office one day, a tap on the shoulder and you just somebody they used to know…

    As a 50 something white male back in SA that would be scary and most likely the last time you would ever work. But here it’s not the end of the world. I formed my own company and in 8 months only won 3 jobs so it’s not easy. But would I want to join the rat race again, definitely not. I worked to midnight last night to deliver results to my one client. Woke up to a beautiful day and ran along the coastal track next to arguably the best beaches in the world. Tough life!

    In contrast over the past 2 months two of my close family friends were attacked in SA. Fortunately the one couple were rescued by the police and the other was only badly beaten up.

    No thanks, I prefer the way life happens down under.

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    • Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. We are also in the process of doing our own thing. This ratrace thing is not for us, and we would love to have more time as a family together. Your story encouraged me.


  2. Bummer indeed… excrement occurs all around the world…

    Hope Andy scores a job soon, but it may be a chance for some ‘life adjustments’ too. Often the undesired changes push us in the directions we don’t realise we need to go.

    I started my business after getting bumped from my job with the denomination coaching youth pastors. I was a bit disappointed as I loved my job, but the new boss shooed everyone out… in the process I discovered I loved running my own business and was good at it.

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    • Thank you for the encouragement Andrew. We are going to go on our own and are praying for many open doors. You are right regarding the life adjustments. We have really been yearning for a slower pace, and this will hopefully be our answer.


  3. I would love to support you and your book. Do you know when it will be published? Are you going to put it on your blog to?
    Life is hard at times but still people survive by staying positive. Wish you luck with your business. My son is also trying to establish his own business before he can move on on his own.

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    • Thank you so much. I am really hoping to have the book out in two weeks’ time:) It will be in ebook format and will be free! Whoohoo! It is seldom that you will get a quality book like that for free:) Will keep you update via the blog as well:) Much love and all the best to your l=son and his adventure – it is fly, fly, fly all the way for us, and we could really use any additional prayers:)


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